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Under Okta in Peril and Water Walkers
Live broadcast

Young Peoples Programme


15 Nov 2020  

12.30pm Okta in Peril and Water Walkers are the pilot episodes of a sci-fi radio play, produced by young people from Edinburgh Young Carers, together with composer Richy Carey, as part of Collective’s programme for young people from March–September 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, what began as a process of experimenting with sound and recordings together on site instead became a remote collaboration over Zoom: playing sound games, collecting recordings, sharing stories and reflecting on the changing world.

Drawing on ideas generated in their weekly Zoom sessions, the young people formed Wild Tracks Radio: an open collective of storytellers and sound recordists. Using sci-fi as a lens through which to see their domestic environments differently, the group took photographs, imagined new planets, made sketches, created soundscapes and wrote stories, generating material for the pilot episodes of their radio play.

Under Okta in Peril and Water Walkers introduce us to two faraway planets and the interweaving stories of the people who live there, speaking to both the environmental and societal concerns shared by the young people.

The two pilot episodes Under Okta in Peril and Water Walkers will be broadcast as part of Radiophrenia: a two-week temporary radio station programmed from an international open call. The broadcast will include a short interview with the young artists discussing how the work was made and where their ideas came from.

You can listen along on Sunday 15 November at 12.30pm either online or, in the Glasgow area, by tuning your radio to 87.9FM.


Young People's Programme