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The Nelken Line | Invitation to take part

The Nelken Line

Working with artist Moyna Flannigan and choreographer Janice Parker, Collective are inviting participants to take part in a public performance of Pina Bausch’s dance work The Nelken Line — taking place on Saturday 17 August amongst the historic monuments and panoramic city views of Calton Hill.

About the Nelken Line

The Nelken Line, choreographed by Pina Bausch, is an iconic piece that encapsulates the four seasons through a sequence of simple gestures. This performance seeks to invite people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and levels of dance experience to come together through movement.

The performance will be presented alongside Moyna Flannigan’s exhibition Space Shuffle at Collective. The exhibition, created in response to the unique context and architecture of our City Dome gallery, features figurative collages, alongside a constellation of paper sculptures that extend the principles of collage into three-dimensional form and space.

Pina Bausch’s work — her exploration of memory, time, and the sensual experience of movement - has been a major influence on Moyna’s work and in particular has informed her thinking in developing this new body of work for Space Shuffle.

Moyna recalls:

“On September 4th 1995 I saw Pina Bausch’s Nelken at the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve never been able to forget it. I’ve made paintings about it ever since….. The ‘line’ of well-drilled movement, a mass march, evokes awe, it was thrilling to see, marking the passage of time, past and present and walking into the future.

“There’s a sense in the Nelken Line that we are being led through an experience, a very sensual and rhythmic experience, that I hope might be echoed in some of the works in the exhibition. It’s something incredibly beautiful to watch. I’ve always wondered what it might be like on top of Calton Hill. It’s such a resonant place.”

For this iteration Moyna and Collective have partnered with Janice Parker, a renowned choreographer known for her inclusive and collaborative approach to dance. Janice's work often focuses on creating dance experiences that are accessible and engaging for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Her practice emphasises the joy of movement and the power of dance to bring communities together.

"For me The Nelken Line is a symbol of hope within a threatening and threatened world. Being invited by Moyna Flannigan to recreate it as part of her current work is timely, and a gift. Guides and gatherers, ritual and ceremony, inner and outer horizons, sharing a moment.

The Nelken Line is in essence a procession - from the Latin procedere, to go forward - a subtle act of resistance if ever there was one. I want to open it to everyone, this promenade processional piece that is already known world-wide, create it in accessible forms, and share a moment of possibility, promise and collective joy"

Interested in taking part?

If you would like to take part please sign up to join ONE of our Introductory Sessions in which Janice will share information about the performance and teach a series of simple movements to performers.

For those who attend there will be no obligation to take part in the performance; these sessions are designed to be an opportunity to learn more about the Nelken Line and see if it’s something you’d like to participate in further.

No prior dance experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome to create the Nelken Line.

Please confirm attendance in advance

Please note, for the event performers will be asked to dress in one colour from head to foot (with no patterns and no logos) so that the procession looks visually coherent.

Introductory Sessions:

What we ask from performers

In order to take part in the project, performers must be available to attend:


Sign up via our Google Form here.

Alternatively, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Take Part in The Nelken Line”, or call us on: 0131 556 1264 between 10am – 5pm, Monday-Friday.

By kind permission of the Pina Bausch Foundation.

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