Staff and Trustees


Kate Gray, Director

Timothea Armour, Visitor Assistant

Ben Callaghan, Operations Co-ordinator

Siobhan Carroll, Head of Programme

Emily Chandler, Operations Co-ordinator (on maternity leave)

Luke Collins, Producer (maternity cover)

Quinn Garrison, Visitor Assistant

Eric Hildrew, Head of Marketing & Communications

Eleanor Jones, Site Co-ordinator

Khadea Kuchenmeister, Creative Trainee

George Mackenney, General Manager

Lara MacLeod, Retail Manager

Martyna Maz, Administrator & Bookkeeper (maternity cover)

Sarah Morton, Site Co-ordinator

Amy Moss, Retail Assistant

Katie Brennan, Producer (Learning)

Alison Scott, Associate Producer

Siobhan Scott, Communications Co-ordinator

Frances Stacey, Producer (on maternity leave)

Hayley Whittingham, Visitor Assistant


Anne Bonnar, Chair

Susanna Beaumont

Nicola Catterall

Sarah Gilzean

Alex Hinton

Akiko Kobayashi

Torsten Lauschmann

Colin Murray

Scott Rogers

Callum Stark

Uzair Syed

Susan Webster