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Loose Parts Fridays invites you to join us from your homes to follow your child’s lead and support them to try out their own ideas using loose parts and our thematic play prompts.

For the next four Loose Parts Fridays, our Play Prompts will suggest a single object as a starting point for your child’s play. We recommend introducing the object alongside any craft materials you may have at home, then following your child’s lead and supporting them to try out their own ideas.

Week 1: Potato

This week’s object is…a potato!

You can mash them, boil them, bake them or roast them to transform the humble potato into something wondrous and the same goes for using them for play. Will yours be carved, rolled, balanced, hollowed, dropped from a height or used to poke things into?

Week 2: Egg Box

This week’s object is…an egg box!

These nobbly bobbly boxes make great objects for playing – they can be cut up into interesting shapes, torn into pieces, stacked up, doodled on, used as places to hide things, or to sort things.

Week 3: String

This week’s object is… string!

Long and looping or tied tightly into knots, string or ribbon can be used in many different ways for play – it’s great for wrapping, dangling, swinging, tracing, tying, skipping, decorating and chopping.

Week 4: Cupcake Cases

This week’s object is…cupcake cases!

Crinkly, foldable, stackable, tearable - cupcake cases are versatile objects for loose parts play.


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