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Collective PLAY Weekend: Vibrations

An Easter holiday weekend of free outdoor play and creative activities for children and families


23 — 24 Apr 2022  


Play with water, vessels and implements and explore how to communicate with the world using vibration and sound, all against the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh city.

Collective’s PLAY Weekend was designed to complement the Cauleen Smith exhibition H-E-L-L-O now on show in the City Dome. The exhibition features a film in which musicians from New Orleans play a sequence from Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Situated in the geography of New Orleans, the film allowed us to contemplate Edinburgh’s relationship to its own landscape, inhabitants and history in a time of turbulence and change. In response to this, the PLAY Weekend reflected upon aspects of the film such as water, sound, communication and vibration.

At the play shelter we had water, bowls, trugs, vessels, funnels, pan lids and strikers laid out for loose parts play. Elsewhere on the site, we had implements to make water walls and interactive vibration installations. Artist Emmie McCluskey also designed a hydroponic display to interact with and add to.

Quiet Slots

Families and children with Autism or sensory learning disabilities are invited to book in for a quiet slot if required. Visitor numbers will be limited during these time and extra staff available to assist.

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