Preparing for *Digesting Politics Dinner* with Keep It Complex, 14 July 2017.

Keep It Complex

Digesting Politics Dinner


14 Jul 2017  


Following the final session of our summer school, Ground Meets Horizon, on Friday 14 July, led by Keep It Complex, Collective celebrated the end of the week with a relaxed, free, meal and open to the public.

The event was an opportunity to talk about politics over some delicious food and drinks. The day's newspapers, from the Mail to the Guardian were available, so if guests didn't feel like talking they could also sit quietly in a corner, catching up on the news. If English wasn't guest's first language or if they'd like to read a newspaper from another country, they were invited to email Keep It Complex who bought a copy.

This Digesting Politics Dinner is part of a series organised by Keep It Complex – Make It Clear, and is supported by an a-n artists' bursary.


Ground Meets Horizon