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Ground Meets Horizon


10 — 14 Jul 2017  


Summer School

Ground Meets Horizon, was a collective enquiry into the conditions artists and organisations need to work together to produce art and develop practice. In 2018 Collective will open the City Observatory on Calton Hill, where in 1792 Robert Barker is credited with creating the first panorama. With this innovation, Barker expanded the pictorial field and horizon through observation, flattening the 360-view by placing the viewer simultaneously inside and outside of the landscape.

Ground Meets Horizon proposed a reconsideration of what the contemporary panorama might include. The idea of the panorama was used to consider the current social and political landscape and to question: What conditions do we need to work together? How and where can learning take place? How can we work in solidarity when precarity is complex?

The week included daily afternoon seminars and workshops led by practitioners, including: writer and thinker Professor Angela McRobbie; artist Katie Schwab; art historian and archivist Dr Amy Todman; theorist Dr David M Bell; writer and artist Emma Hedditch; and artist group Keep It Complex. Seminars and workshops started in the afternoon, with the gallery open in the mornings for participants to read, work and meet.

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