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Patrick Staff
To Those in Search of Immunity

Observers' Walks



Patrick Staff works with film, installation, dance and performance to investigate dissent, labour and the queer body.

Using research into the ecology and botanical formations of Calton Hill, To Those In Search of Immunity melds audio essay, memoir, and story to examine illness, health, and both the social and individual body. Exploring ideas of immunity and the possible effects of ingestion of substances on the body, Patrick’s new Observers’ Walk reflects social concerns such as sex, gender and the construction of community.

Read more about Patrick's work in Frieze and The Walker Art Centre Magazine.

Download the map and further information here.

Please be aware this work contains explicit content of a sexual nature and is only suitable for adults.

Part of Observers' Walks

Observers' Walks are a series of downloadable audio guides commissioned by Collective and created by artists specifically to be listened to on Calton Hill.