Transit Telescope, photo by Tom Nolan

Matjaz Vidmar

Bringing the Universe to the City: Architecture, Instruments and Science in a Changing World


8 Jun 2019  


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Join us for a tour of Collective and the Observatory with scientific researcher Matjaz Vidmar.

Matjaz will explore the changing role of the Observatory over time, looking at the ongoing links between our views on the Universe, the city’s landscape and architecture.

He will examine the astronomical instruments, ideas and people that have inhabited the revived Observatory site during its 243 year history. Stories will be told that connect individual experiences of life and work in the Observatory with a broader context of scientific and technological development in the city of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Please book your space via Eventbrite, tickets cost £6.

Matjaz Vidmar is a researcher at The University of Edinburgh / Royal Observatory Edinburgh, examining innovation and the public role of Astronomy and Space Science from contemporary and historical perspectives. He is also a lecturer, mentor and tutor and an award winning science communicator.