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Loose Parts Fridays invites you to join us from your homes to follow your child’s lead and support them to try out their own ideas using loose parts and our thematic play prompts.

Are you curious about the trees, birds and beasties that make their homes nearby? Our new Nature Trail for children and families, though designed for Calton Hill, contains wildlife you could also spot in your local park or garden!

You can also pick up a free Nature Trail to Calton Hill when you visit, or download one online here.

Illustrations by Charlotte Henderson.

Week 1: Birdspotting

This week, try going for a walk and have a go at birdwatching – our gardens, parks and even towns and cities are full of many different amazing birds! Can you spot any of these species in the trees and skies around your home? You could try finding a spot by the window in your house, or going for a walk in a nearby park to see how many you can find!

Week 2: Tree Detectives

This week, we’ll be playing tree detective and using our observation skills to identify different species of tree. Wrap up warm and head outside to search for the trees in the illustrations, but remember, they might look quite different if their leaves are starting to fall. Try picking up the leaves from the ground and comparing them to the illustrations.

Week 3: Beastie Hunting

This week, we’re looking for beasties! How many of these insects can you find on the ground in your local park or garden? Try having a look on fallen leaves, flowers and on the surface of the soil, but make sure you don’t disturb their natural habitat!


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