Claire Fontaine, 'Capitalism Kills Love (Bag)', 2012. Notes from Nowhere, Foreground, Frome, Somerset UK 6 May – 3 June 2012. Courtesy the artist and Foreground, Frome UK.

The Social Reproduction of Feminist Art History

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25 Oct 2017  


A discussion and debate marking the launch of two publications: Feminism and Art History Now, edited by Victoria Horne and Lara Perry, and a special issue of Third Text focussing on 'Social Reproduction and Art', edited by Angela Dimitrakaki and Kirsten Lloyd. We will begin by asking what art (and art history) can do for feminism.

Speakers and respondents include:

James Bell (Northumbria University)
Angela Dimitrakaki (University of Edinburgh)
Laura Guy (Glasgow School of Art)
Victoria Horne (Northumbria University)
Kirsten Lloyd (University of Edinburgh)
Lara Perry (University of Brighton)
Catherine Spencer (University of St Andrews)
Frances Stacey (Collective)
Jennie Temple (artist, Edinburgh College)

The Social Reproduction of Feminist Art History is co-hosted by Collective and the School of History of Art at The University of Edinburgh. Established in 2017, this research partnership convenes and supports initiatives that centre on art’s intersections with social reproduction and feminist thought.

Affiliated with The Global Contemporary Research Group


Social Reproduction in Art, Life, and Struggle
Petra Bauer and SCOT-PEP