Laura Yuile

27 May – 29 June 2014

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Conversation of Monuments was an installation and public research process that attempted to realise a plan for a new monument for the city – one that communicates something about the present time to an uncertain future.

Utilising the gallery space as a kind of inverse tourist information centre, the project considered our shifting conceptions of time and space and the flows of energy, information and material that make up the world. The research also explored the function of monuments, the role of tourism, and the potential for a monument that is immaterial or fragmented. Discussions of invisible architectures, mutating geographies, futurology and new materialism weave in and out of this process, as Laura engaged visitors in conversations and conducted interviews and focus groups with them.

Laura was present in the gallery each day between 3pm and 5pm with each week focussing on a different question or set of questions. The exhibition also included a workshop and an offsite event. Laura developed Conversation of Monuments during her post as Critical Discourse Intern at Collective.

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Satellites Programme is Collective’s development programme for emergent artists and producers based in Scotland. 2014 participants were: Catrin Jeans, Kathryn Elkin, Dane Sutherland, Laura Yuile, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, Matthew Richardson and Collette Rayner

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