David Osbaldeston

15 March – 27 April 2014

Exhibitions City Dome

The Measure of All Things aimed to create a place where the divide between language and its visual representation is made visible, offering a dryly humorous take on the ultimately immeasurable status of the artwork and how it might be read or understood. The exhibition included an ambitious new sculptural work and related animations, produced from woodcut prints. Combining familiar forms from everyday life with more abstract information and language, the exhibition re-imagined commonly held assumptions.

A large table-like object was central to the installation and appears as if the product of an amateur philosopher. Based upon the logic of a Cartesian diagram, the object assumed the role of a functional device devoted to image recognition, yet implied alternative understandings, where the representative power of language breaks down. Placed on the table was an arrangement that included familiar everyday items which have been 3D printed. This arrangement could be read as a still life; its elements alluding to the status of an art object as something human, ultimately speculative or immeasurable.


In conversation: David Osbaldeston with Maria Fusco , 16 April, 6pm
To coincide with his exhibition at Collective and the Art/Writing Residency organised by Edinburgh College of Art & Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Collective hosted an 'in conversation' event with artist David Osbaldeston and Maria Fusco, Chancellor's Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

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Watch the Art in Scotland TV video, with Director Kate Gray here.

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