James Bell

23 February – 26 May 2013

Events New Work Scotland Programme

James Bell’s interests are primarily concerned with an individual’s understanding and articulation of ‘place’ – with a particular focus on the authoring of place through language.

During his post as Critical Discourse intern, James considered the transitory nature of Collective as an anthropological place within the context of the organisation’s move from Cockburn Street to Calton Hill. The result of a protracted period of research was a series of programmed film works in the former Cockburn Street Project Space and Gallery 1 and a series of events titled The Sunday Driver.


Henry Cooper, Prospect for a City, 23 February – 24 March 2013
Prospect for a City, 1967, directed by Henry Cooper, was selected by James Bell and began an enquiry into the nature of transition and identification with architectural place, referencing Collective’s move from Cockburn Street to Calton Hill.

Alan Currall, Congratulations and Goodbye, 6 April – 5 May 2013
This work was appropriated for the Project Room as part of a speculative gesture that proposes the creation of a new place, or point of departure, in which Currall’s salutation acts as the instigator of an on-going dialogue between Bell and the work.

Alan Currall, Welcome and Apologies, 18 – 26 May 2013
This film by Alan Currall was shown in Gallery 1 alongside The Sunday Driver.

The Sunday Driver

Redmond Entwistle, Monuments, 12 May, 3pm
The first event was a screening of Redmond Entwistle’s Monuments, 2010, a film that attempts “to frame or even contain this infinite expansion between site and non-site, between the work and its primary document.”Monuments depicts a young Dan Graham leading Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta-Clark (both revived from the dead) through New Jersey.

James Bell in conversation with artist Alan Currall, 19 May, 3pm
Drawing on the on-going relationship with the Alan Currall’s Congratulations & Goodbye, previously sited in Collective’s Project Room, and Welcome and Thank you, which was exhibited in Gallery 1 during The Sunday Driver, James entered into a dialogue with the artist about the appropriation of the works – examining the points at which Alan’s intent converged with James’ perception.

A walk led by James Bell, 26 May, 3pm
The three events will culminate in a walk from Collective’s current building on Cockburn Street to Calton Hill – where the gallery will eventually take up residence in the City Observatory and City Dome.

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New Work Scotland Programme was an initiative launched by Collective in 2000. Through an open call, New Work Scotland Programme identified and supported some of the most promising new practitioners working in Scotland - providing them with the opportunity to create new work and bring it to the attention of a wider public. The 2013 participants were Frances Stacey, Calvin Laing, James Bell, Conor Kelly, Shona Macnaughton, Tom Varley and Rachel Maclean.

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