7 December 2013 – 26 January 2014



Goldin+Senneby with Rob Drummond (playwright), Mark Jeary (actor), Philip Grant (anthropologist & former equity fund manager), Donald MacKenzie (sociologist), Ybodon (computer scientist), Anna Heymowska (set designer) and Johan Hjerpe (graphic designer).

Goldin+Senneby's projects often use the skills and expertise of selected local specialists. In Anti-VWAP Goldin+Senneby have worked with actors, computer experts, playwrights, economists, and financial experts, to explore a financial reality that functions through a collectively produced play and partakes in a real economy. The exhibition features a new algorithmic trading model that will be tested in the financial markets, along with a newly commissioned speculative script by Rob Drummond, titled Momentum, which the actor Mark Jeary will be rehearsing on a daily basis for as long as the trading budget lasts. In the interplay between these two modes of speculation, the work gives itself over to the mysterious forces of capital that it simultaneously stages in the gallery.

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Read about Anti-VWAP in This is Tomorrow, e-flux journal, and the Skinny,

Watch the Art in Scotland TV video with Director Kate Gray here

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