The Indirect Exchange Of Uncertain Value

7 – 28 August 2011


Tatham & O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Price and Chris Evans

The Indirect Exchange of Uncertain Value was an offsite project sited at Fettes College in Edinburgh, developed by Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan. The project included new commissioned work by Chris Evans and Elizabeth Price, as well as new sculptural constructions by Tatham & O’Sullivan.

Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan have worked collaboratively since 1995 and produce absurd or contradictory interventions as a means of considering or examining a situation. They invited Chris Evans and Elizabeth Price to make new works to be sited at Fettes College inside two of their sculptural constructions. Chris Evans' work often evolves through conversation with people from diverse walks of life, selected in relation to their public life or symbolic role. Elizabeth Price works primarily with digital video and reprographic media, to reformulate and re-inscribe collections and archives using artefacts drawn from the debris of modernism, popular culture and consumerism.

The Indirect Exchange of Uncertain Value was developed in response to the nature of public and private space within Edinburgh. The imposing landmark of Fettes College building, with its extensive grounds, brings issues of public and private space into sharp focus. The project will work with and against this context to consider the wider relationship of the public to the private, with particular reference to the role of education and the instrumentalisation of art within the public sphere for the public good.


Fettes College, 5 August 10.30am—6.30pm
The issues raised by the work provided a focus for the symposium that accompanied the opening of the project, with presentations by Vito Acconci, Tom Leonard, Fiona Jardine, Owen Hatherley, Elizabeth Price and Chris Evans.

Read the The Indirect Exchange of Uncertain Value publication here


Archive, Offsite, Learning: Public Art Summer School, 1–5 August 2011

Supported by the Creative Scotland Public Art Fund and Northumbria University.

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