Florrie James

19 November – 18 December 2011

Exhibitions New Work Scotland Programme

Florrie James's work comments on cultural history and art history: existence, failure and continuation, explored through the medium of appropriated design, writing, painting and film-making. Her work exists within a structure of historical documentation as an attempt at talking about time and all things. A problematic critique of the artist is coupled with attempts to achieve all encompassing, impossible situations.

Florrie often works in collaboration with others as a means to explore and challenge collectively existing structures which form the parameters for artistic production and dialogue. For New Work Scotland, Florrie presented a film with Ross Little. Framed around four stanzas, their film is often contemplative of emptied spaces which seem situated somewhere between exhaustion and activation.

Read the New Writing Scotland text by Nicola Wright here

Read the New Work Scotland 2011/12 publication here


Archive, Off-site, Events, All Sided Games: Florrie James, Brighthouse, 25 September 2014, 7pm

New Work Scotland Programme was an initiative launched by Collective in 2000. Through an open call, New Work Scotland Programme identified and supported some of the most promising new artists working in Scotland - providing them with the opportunity to create new work and bring it to the attention of a wider public. The 2011/12 participants were Gordon Schmidt,
Rhianna Turnbull, Amelia Bywater & Christian Newby, Florrie James, Oliver Braid, Joey Villemont, Ash Reid
and Jack McConville

New Writing Scotland grew out of New Work Scotland Programme and was initiated in 2004 in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art's Centre for Visual and Cultural Studies, to promote creative writing about the visual arts coupled with targeted support to the exhibiting artists - providing them with them with their first artists text.

This is an archived programme entry.

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