The All Sided Games

25 July 2010, 6—9pm

Events Off-Site

Screening Programme and Performance

Initiated by Scottish Arts Council and Collective for the Cultural Olympiad Open Weekend, The All Sided Games will feature a screening of a selection of films and a new performance by Tessa Lynch. Open Weekend was a UK-wide celebration counting down to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, 2012.

All films were screened at Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh. Collective selected film works by Mounira Al Solh, Jordan Baseman, Cyprien Gaillard, Henna-Riikka Halonen and Jesse Jones. The screening was followed by a newly commissioned outdoor performance, You Are Here, by Tessa Lynch at the Festival Square. Tessa referenced Edinburgh festivals to form the basis of her live performance. Dancers were elevated on podiums in Festival Square like speakers on soap boxes perhaps commenting on how things used to be done in a town square.

The screen showed a series of filmed 'backdrops' which referenced past festival activities. One of the backdrops was archive footage of Joseph Beuys' Action on Rannoch Moor. The music that accompanied the performance was a recording of Soft Machine live at the Proms, which is significant because it happened on the very same day that Beuys took his trip to Rannoch Moor, providing an apt and nostalgic soundtrack.

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