Tessa Lynch

13 April – 23 May 2010


Tessa Lynch's practice incorporates performance with ideas of re-enactment. The idea is to change the significance of events, gleaned from day-to-day information like newspaper headings or a Google images and create unpredictable and alternative realities. Tessa works in both 2d and 3d formats, this constant push and pull of different dimensions directly references her interests in reality and fantasy. In order to further push these ideas Tessa collaborates with others, adding a human and unexpected quality to her work.

Her exhibition at Collective incorporated parts of the performance making process through the documentation of workshops and rehearsals for a performance at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (link to Alexandrite page). Other work took the form of a series of prints, influenced by Francis Picabia's abstract drawings and mechanomorphs. In Gallery 2, an installation work explored the theatrical trickery of Dr. Pepper's ghost - an illusionary technique used in theatre and magic tricks, allowing two things to happen at once and again reinforcing Lynch's fascination with the theme of duality. During the exhibition, Tessa hosted a series of screenings and performances within the installation. In the Guest Room, selected by Tessa to show alongside her new commission, Collective screened Found Footage by Clemens Von Wedemeyer.


Dr. Pepper's Ghost, 25 April, 2 May & 9 May, 4.30 — 6pm
For three consecutive Sunday's, Collective presented a short performance involving interaction with Tessa's Dr. Pepper's Ghost installation within the gallery. This was followed at 5pm by Sunday Screen, showing films in reference to the the exhibition, including a screening of Entr'acte, a film which Francis Picabia showed during his performance, ballet Relåche; The Time Machine, by George Pal; and a selection of Dada film works selected by Tessa.

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Ongoing, Learning: Tessa Lynch, Abbeyhill & Leith Walk Primary Schools

Archive, Events, Offsite: Tessa Lynch, Alexandrite, 11 April 2010, 8pm

Archive, Exhibitions, New Work Scotland Programme: Tessa Lynch, 6 – 10 November 2007

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