Hito Steyerl

29 July - 26 September 2010


Hito Steyerl’s films are a montage of pop and politics, Hollywood and independent film, interviews and voiceover commentaries; all combined into provocative filmic analyses of the present.

In Free Fall incorporated a trio of works: Before the Crash, After the Crash and Crash, which tell the story of the global economic crisis through the example of an aeroplane junkyard in the Californian desert. The aeroplane junkyard reveals the anatomy of all sorts of crashes: both fictional and real. The work is an investigation of planes as they are parked during the economic downturn, stored and recycled, revealing unexpected connections between economy, violence and spectacle.

Through intertwined narratives of people, planes and places Steyerl reveals cycles of capitalism incorporating and adapting to the changing status of the commodity, but also points at a horizon beyond this endless repetition.


How to inform without informing, City Observatory, Calton Hill, 30 July 2010, 4—6pm
To celebrate the launch of two new commissions, Collective devised a
symposium with exhibiting artists Hito Steyerl, Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth and other speakers including theorist Alfredo Cramerotti (author of Aesthetic Journalism), Francis McKee (curator and writer) and Lisa Panting (Director of Picture This, Bristol), chaired by Ian White (LUX, London).

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In Free Fall was a co-comission with Chisenhale Gallery and Picture This. Supported by IFA.

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Thomas Abercromby, John, video still, 2023. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Daniel Hughes. Featured: Julia Lau and Nevil Jose.

Thomas Abercromby


21 Oct 2023 — 23 Dec 2023

Liza Sylvestre, asweetsea, video still, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Liza Sylvestre


21 Oct 2023 — 23 Dec 2023