Portobello Potluck

Part of Aleksandra Mir

18 April 2009

Events Off-Site

Potluck dinner event as part of Aleksandra Mir's project, The How Not To Cook Book

Collective hosted a Potluck dinner at Portobello Community Centre. A dish-laden audience heard guest speaker Ray McKenzie, a Senior Lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, assess a problematic relationship that has arisen between the private and the public in urban space, and how he sees this effecting contemporary practices of public art. Comedian, mod and chutney-maker Ian Moore entertained with tales of botched attempts at French cuisine and music came from Earl Grey and The Loose Leaves.

This event was part of Aleksandra Mir's commission The How Not To Cook Book – Lessons Learnt the Hard Way, which culminated in a limited edition publication. While your average cookbook presents recipes that are designed to facilitate immediate success, they rarely document the ways in which it can fail. The project stemmed from an interest in how we are taught, or teach ourselves through trial and error. Collective produced a series of events during the project designed to examine how the project may alter perceptions of both public art and public space.

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Archive, Exhibitions: Aleksandra Mir, The How Not To Cook Book, 7 August – 27 September 2009

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