David Sherry & Move On

30 May 2008

Events Off-Site One Mile

Artist David Sherry collaborated with Move On volunteers Chris James and Lisa Anderson on a performance project. Together they created a series of performances in Edinburgh city centre shops where they offered assistance and ultimately a 50% off discount to shoppers. This project grew out of a mutual interest in social interactions, exploring our relationships to one another in public space and aimed to creatively manipulate them.

To document and expand this project David, Chris and Lisa created and compiled the publication 50% off, which includes drawings and text pieces by David Sherry, photographs and collages by Lisa Anderson, a diary of events/commentary by Chris James, an interview with the guy that collects trays in the BHS cafe and a specially commissioned text piece by Leeds-based artist Amelia Crouch. The 50% off publication was distributed to the shoppers of Edinburgh on 30 May 2008 from a specially chartered double-decker bus, in conjunction with the preview of Paul Rooney's exhibition, Lost High Street. A series of performances and interventions were created for the distribution event by David Sherry, Owen Piper and Chris James.

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Archive, Exhibitions: Paul Rooney, Lost High Street, 31 May – 12 July 2008

One Mile was a three-year programme of nine projects that facilitated groups and individuals who live or work within a one mile radius of Collective, but are disadvantaged or feel excluded from the cultural life of the city centre, to collaborate with contemporary artists. The program will support the development of artworks that address the concerns, interests and needs of the groups including: Muslim women (DOSTI women’s groups and women’s circle at Edinburgh’s Central Mosque); school refusers (Working Together); young offenders (Sacro); young homeless (The Ark Trust and Moving On); and autistic students (Stevenson College).

This is an archived programme entry.

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