Spartacus Chetwynd

30 November 2007

Events Off-Site One Mile

Spartacus spent September 2006 living in Edinburgh and developing a new art work. She worked with a variety of women she met during her stay, including students on a pattern-cutting course, a knitting demonstrator and a costumier, and together they devised a trip to the Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, to make the short film The Call of the Wild.

The film juxtaposes events in the wilderness of the Isle of Lewis with the women’s lives in urban Edinburgh. Spartacus drew on influences from films such as Walkabout, Picnic at Hanging Rock and the anthropological film Les Maîtres Fous. The Call of the Wild was premiered in a one-off double screening with Les Maîtres Fous, held in Mary King’s Close, a network of hidden closes below the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Filmed with Zoe Brown, and with contributions from Rachel Bell, Lindsay Hall, Ginny Hutchinson, Alison Kellas, Siobhan Mooney, Anna Robbins and Liz Webster.

One Mile was a three-year programme of nine projects that facilitated groups and individuals who live or work within a one mile radius of Collective, but are disadvantaged or feel excluded from the cultural life of the city centre, to collaborate with contemporary artists. The program will support the development of artworks that address the concerns, interests and needs of the groups including: Muslim women (DOSTI women’s groups and women’s circle at Edinburgh’s Central Mosque); school refusers (Working Together); young offenders (Sacro); young homeless (The Ark Trust and Moving On); and autistic students (Stevenson College).

This is an archived programme entry.

Thomas Abercromby, John, video still, 2023. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Daniel Hughes. Featured: Julia Lau and Nevil Jose.

Thomas Abercromby


21 Oct 2023 — 23 Dec 2023

Liza Sylvestre, asweetsea, video still, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Liza Sylvestre


21 Oct 2023 — 23 Dec 2023