Keren Cytter

28 April – 19 May 2007


Keren Cytter is an Isreali artist based in Berlin. Her exhibition at Collective was the first of her work in Scotland, and was selected as part of Black Cube, a series of artists' moving image exhibitions curated by Sarah Munro, Emily Pethick, Polly Staple, Beatrix Ruff, Deborah Smith and Lesley Young. Keren's work was selected by Beatrix Ruff.

At once diaristic, confessional and poetic, Keren Cytter's work explores language, vision and memory. She casts real-life friends in unreal roles for her video works, resulting in a troubling and distinctly postmodern awareness of their own manipulation at the hands of artist's unpredictable script. Despite the unstable nature of the films, the work is made up of a series of tactical manoeuvres – these twists and turns reveal the precarity of the narrative by undermining it before the characters, actors and audience. Furthermore, her authorial presence challenges the audience to disprove her assertions or make their own through the works' erratic narrative threads.

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