Val Norris

18 March – 15 April 2006

Exhibitions Project Room

For Collective's Project Room, Val Norris presented a new installation featuring drawings, sculptural arrangements and a comic. All of these works were created from inexpensive, everyday and found media such as crayons, glitter, branches and artificial flowers. Val used these readily available lo-fi materials spontaneously and transforms them into ephemeral, kitsch, decorative works. Val's practice evolves from an ongoing process of collecting and stockpiling images, text, objects and personal notations. These act as a catalyst for the work, and references gathered from diverse sources of everyday life such as Ikebana, the work of florist Constance Spry, comics and manga, pop culture, music, television, 1970's crafts, woodland animals, literature, films and charity shop finds. Methods of chance, subversion and contrast are employed to spark off associations and personal, underlying narratives. This process creates a propagation of ideas and works that form a cumulative, layered meaning and reading.

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Project Room was launched in 1995 and continued until 2006 as an experimental project space.

This is an archived programme entry.

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