The Space In-Between the Sole and the Heel

28 January – 4 March 2006

Exhibitions Project Room

Originally conceived by Matthew Hearn and Sarah Warden, The Space In-Between the Sole and the Heel began as a site-specific project in Globe Gallery, North Shields. Occurring on the occasion of the gallery's ten year anniversary the show hankered back to the former function of its premises as a shoe shop, The Global Boot Co. Whilst transforming the gallery into an imagined semblance of its previous incarnation, seventy artists were asked to make new works within the confines of a shoebox. Stacked on shelving from floor to ceiling the exhibitions clientele were able to view these boxes individually by making a simple request to the shops assistants. Although Collective was not a former shoe establishment, the gallery nevertheless sat on a busy Edinburgh shopping street. The Space In-Between the Sole and Heel transformed the Project Room in to a busy stock room full of unseen wears tempting passers-by into the gallery to peruse its collection.

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Project Room was launched in 1995 and continued until 2006 as an experimental project space.

This is an archived programme entry.

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