Ruth Claxton & Amy Marletta

22 April – 3 June


This two person exhibition featured the sculptural work and drawings of Ruth Claxton and Amy Marletta. Both these artists collage 2D and 3D elements by bringing together unrelated material through which an entirely new meaning is constructed beginning to question what it is to look, see or experience. Both artists are interested in the relationships we have with each other and the way individuals interpret and question the world.

For Collective, Ruth Claxton developed a new installation that was part of an ongoing series of works titled I thought I was the audience then I looked at
. Gallery 2 was be populated by a community of reconfigured sculptural
objects; domestic ornaments and figurines who blindly gaze back at the viewer from a 'landscape' of reflective surfaces and platforms. In Gallery 1, Amy Marletta used photographs of personal experiences as a starting point for her installation titled Hearts Break All the Rules. This biographical material underwent a process of selection and reworking through drawings, which were then cut up and reconstructed. Some of these collages continued to be developed into sculptural models with the potential to become life size.


Artist Talk, 22 April 2006, 1pm
Ruth Claxton and Amy Marletta gave an informal artist talk about the works in the show.

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