Jim Colquhoun

24 November 2006

New Work Scotland Programme Off-Site

For his New Work Scotland Programme off-site commission Jim Colquhoun visited the New Jersey Pine Barrens, a vast area of wilderness in the midst of the most populous state in the U.S. Mostly made up of pine, cedar and 'sugar sand' the forrest is home to black bears, cougars and the infamous 'Jersey Devil'. After an intensive period of research he visited the The Barrens in September 2006 with the intension of strip-mining its rich mythography for his own nefarious purposes. Variously the area has suffered the attentions of tripped-out quantum mechanics, pulp hacks, dodgy eugenicists, Muslim Kabbalists and 1970s conceptual artists. The final outcome to Jim's project was a free publication that refracted all of these and more through the lens of his own subjectivity, in an attempt to birth a monstrous hybrid. The publication was launched with a reading on 24 November.

Read the New Work Scotland 2006 newspaper here

New Work Scotland Programme was an initiative launched by Collective in 2000. Through an open call, New Work Scotland Programme identified and supported some of the most promising new artists working in Scotland - providing them with the opportunity to create new work and bring it to the attention of a wider public. The 2006 participants were Katie Orton, Stephen Murray, Sara Barker and Jan Pottinger-Glass, and Jim Colquhoun was commissioned to make a new publication.

New Writing Scotland grew out of New Work Scotland Programme and was initiated in 2004 in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art's Centre for Visual and Cultural Studies to promote creative writing about the visual arts coupled with targeted support to the exhibiting artists - providing them with them with their first artists text.

This is an archived programme entry.

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