Bedwyr Williams & Seamus Harahan

10 June – 22 July 2006


Seamus Harahan and Bedwyr Williams share a non-parochial sense of nationhood demonstrated through an interest in social idiosyncrasies brought to attention by the observation of everyday incidents. It is also clear to see differences in the artists positions and practices; Harahan's covert filming shows real empathy and restraint, compared to Williams' overt performances and installations, where he uses humour to describe, sometimes mockingly, his observations - everything that crosses path is met with a black sense of humour.

Bedwyr Williams’s installation for the Collective was not quite what you would expect from an artist whose past practice refers to all things Welsh. For this exhibition, Bedwyr made a work around his preoccupation with the myth of Sir Bedivere - his name sake in the Arthurian tales - and chose to build a new installation of cocktail paraphernalia. In relation to more recent history, Holylands by Seamus Harahan is contextualised by Northern Ireland's recent conflicts. Shot from his window in the Holy Land's district of Belfast, the piece is rooted in it's locality, as Harahan witnesses the peculiar and sometimes seemingly threatening events through a hand-held video camera.


Artist Film Screening and Discussion Event, 8 June 2006, 6—8pm
Seamus Harahan curated a programme of the best artist film and video from NOrthern Ireland. Harahan was also in conversation with Glasgow based artist Cathy Wilkes.

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Ongoing, Walks: Bedwyr Williams, Outwith

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