T. Christy Cole

15 January – 19 February 2005

Exhibitions Project Room

For the first Project Room show of 2005, T. Christy Cole exhibited a video work and some sculptural pieces. The primary focus of Cole's sculpture is a study of the relationship between the human body and the everyday object. Fascinated by the idea of a mutating and evolving artwork rather than a permanent, static 'monument' his works engage in an esoteric dialogue through Cole's manufactured visual language. Witnessing a stage of the process of Cole's project, notions of breeding, propagation and evolution lie just under the surface, reaching out to the possibilities of future works and tapping into past exhibitions. In addition to Cole's sculptural installation, Cole showed a recent DVD made in collaboration with Neck Doppler. The work examines the extent to which specific sound and vocal characteristics are relied upon to express someone's emotional states in the absence of supporting dialogue or facial expression.

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Project Room was launched in 1995 and continued until 2006 as an experimental project space.

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