Scott Laverie

21 May – 18 June 2005

Exhibitions Project Room

For the Project Room, Scott Laverie produced an ambitious new installation, Germs of a New and Unimagined Bliss. Within the installation and the viewer was immediately confronted with a scenario somewhere between the Unabomber’s sinister country retreat and a chaotic garden shed. This fictional environment explores the apparently macabre undertakings of an obsessive creator, who, dwelling upon his towering attic platform absorbs himself within his regressive methods. Laverie’s projects contain a fascination with retrograde technologies, old machines are reactivated for new purposes, a stoical faith is put into cogs and pulleys, transformers and diodes.

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Project Room was launched in 1995 and continued until 2006 as an experimental project space.

This is an archived programme entry.

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