Kate Owens

30 July – 28 August 2005

Exhibitions Off-Site

Kate Owens was commissioned by the Collective to produce a new off-site installation on the 5th Floor of the The Tun, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh. Owens uses cheap materials to reproduce historic feats of artistry. Working loosely in the tradition of Trompe L'Oeil, she constructs ornate works from unlikely materials (reformed potato snacks, processed cheese, laminate flooring and crisp packets forming some of her previous material).

Gates of Ades was an installation that combined flat-pack wine-racks and over one thousand bottles of fizzy drinks. The bottles functioned as a stained glass window that transformed the light as it filtered through the artificial coloured cocktail of benzoates, sweeteners and mixed carotenes. This off-site project coincided with an exhibition in the Project Room titled Hero of the Two Worlds. The exhibition dealt with the figure that brought unification to Italy that was also commemorated in Britain by a foodstuff commonly known as dead fly biscuit. Using the medieval technique of brass rubbing, other favourites from the family assortment were considered and recorded in a nostalgic homage to the art of the biscuit maker.

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