Alex Pollard & Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan

Curated by Jason E Bowman and Rachel Bradley

8 December 2005 – 21 January 2006


The artists who represented Scotland at the 51st Venice Biennale, Alex Pollard, Cathy Wilkes, and Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan, returned to Scotland to stage an exhibition of new works at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh from Dec 8 2005 – March 5 2006. This second exhibition, Selective Memory: Scotland & Venice Biennale 2005 was curated by the same partnership, Jason E Bowman and Rachel Bradley.

Complementary to Selective Memory was an exhibition of works by Alex Pollard and the collaborative partnership Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan entitled echo echo, also curated by Jason E. Bowman and Rachel Bradley, hosted by Collective. This exhibition continued the ways in which Bowman and Bradley curated the three selected practices for Venice in satellite formations across physical and temporal contexts: the Venice Biennale in June, the SNGMA and Collective in December, with one final phase in 2006. These formations echo, shadow and eclipse each other and are reflective of the ways in which each practice develops its own reflexive structure that create visual languages which it then mines, recycles and repositions.

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