Ana García Jácome, 2021.

Ana García Jácome, 2021.

We're Hiring: Project Manager

Collective, DCA and LUX Scotland are committed to questioning the institutional ableism in the Scottish visual arts sector and imagining a future in which disabled artists and arts professionals have increased access to opportunities, are visible, and their expertise and experiences are truly valued. This includes disabled artists and arts professionals being represented as staff in organisations and on boards, their work shown in exhibitions, and their voices heard in decision making processes

Funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we wish to recruit a Project Manager to lead on a three-year collaborative project that works towards creating systemic change in the Scottish arts sector for disabled visual artists and arts professionals.

The aim of this project is to create opportunities for meaningful organisational development to ensure our institutions and programmes better represent the diversity of the Scottish population. This project will provide space to test and develop new ways of working, led by disabled artists and art professionals, and as the project progresses we expect to uncover further questions which will shape our approach and our activities.

About the role

The project will consist of three main strands of: commissioning, in a supportive and anti-ableist way, three ambitious commissions; research, to disseminate the findings of the project and to help influence lasting change in the sector; and organisational development, to ensure changes are made in our organisations, at all levels, to break down the barriers disabled people face when visiting, participating in and/or working with our organisations.

The role will be managed by DCA and the successful candidate will be required to work with the three organisations to implement the project plan, coordinate events and activities for artists and creative practitioners, and communicate progress along the way.

The successful candidate will work in collaboration with a freelance Independent Researcher and a freelance External Evaluator, who will be recruited alongside this Project Manager role.

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The Space Where Lived Experience of Disability Embodiments Happen, Ana García Jácome, 2021. Image courtesy of the Artist and Collective.

To what extent does institutional definitions of disability influence or determine disabilities existence outside of institutions? Ana García Jácome, 2021. Image courtesy of the Artist and Collective.