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Satellites Programme Participants Announced

Following an open call and submission process, we are delighted to announce the participants of Satellites Programme 2021, our development programme for emerging practitioners:

Stephanie Black-Daniels
Stephanie Black-Daniels is best known for her performance and installation work which questions the dynamics between body, object and action. Her work is research-based and explores gender, sexuality and somatic expression. Stephanie examines the highly physicalised body, producing objects, apparatuses and extensions to expand ways that we can relate to universal roles, rituals and instructions.

Mina Heydari-Waite
Mina Heydari-Waite is an Iranian-British artist based in Glasgow. Her practice often explores semi-imagined pasts and speculative futures.

Katherine Ka Yi Liu
Katherine Ka Yi Liu 廖加怡 is an artist-curator, 1/3 of PLACEHOLDER [___] and a former committee member at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2018 – 2020). Growing up mostly in Hong Kong her research interests were sparked by witnessing the transition between the colonial and post-colonial era of the city. Lingering in between diasporic conversations, Liu contemplates notions of the cultural, socio-political, socio-linguistic construction of diasporic identities and conflicts within the politics of power, gender and race.

Joey Simons
Joey Simons is a writer, researcher, WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) tutor and tenant union activist from Glasgow. Joey’s practice challenges the dominant material and ideological structures of historical production by addressing suppressed aspects of working class history, and using this as a basis for deepening political militancy today.

Camara Taylor
Camara Taylor lives and works in Glasgow. They are an artist, researcher and curator who primarily produces moving-image, text and interdisciplinary events. Camara’s work considers rumours, gossip, the excesses of dominant discourse, and lower frequencies of objection in the context of Black life.

We look forward to welcoming our new cohort of participants to Collective later this year.

Satellites Programme
Satellites Programme is the accelerated development programme which sits at the core of Collective. Through it, we aim to prepare the next generation of creative practitioners, supporting them to develop the confidence and critical skills they need to thrive. Satellites Programme is more than an exhibition opportunity. Participants have described it as a pivotal experience, due to the level of support received from Collective and the chance to develop through discursive engagement with a group of peers.