Petra Bauer & SCOT-PEP, 'Workers!', film still, 2018.

REPRODUCTION Summer School 2 - 5 June

Collective’s annual summer school returns with REPRODUCTION from 2 – 5 June. During this year’s summer school, participants will explore ‘social reproduction’ through a four-day programme that builds a temporary space for critical dialogue, practical experiments and the fostering of open networks.

The starting point for this exploration is the new film Workers! by artist Petra Bauer and sex-worker led organisation SCOT-PEP, currently showing in Collective’s City Dome. The programme will expand on themes central to this co-authored film: debates on work and (social) reproduction, the role of artistic practice and film in political struggles, and the complex politics of working with or representing others.

Initial questions for the school are: What role can film and artistic practice play in political processes? How can we reinterpret 'the personal is political' in light of social reproduction and our contemporary conditions? And how does this mantra connect with ‘nothing about us without us’ frequently used in the sex-worker rights movement? How does art and cultural practice sustain, question or obstruct the reproduction of society as we know it? What tools can be taken form social reproduction theory?

Contributors include; Contributors include: artist and filmmaker Petra Bauer, artist and researcher James Bell, sociologist Karen Gregory, art historian Victoria Horne, curator and art historian Kirsten Lloyd, artist Shona MacNaughton, poet and trans/queer activist Nat Raha, art historian Catherine Spencer, writer and activist Molly Smith, and SCOT-PEP.

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REPRODUCTION will launch on International Sex-Workers Day with a screening of Les Prostituees d’Lyon Parlent in Filmhouse Edinburgh.