Patrick Staff print edition on sale

31 July 2017

To coincide with the launch of new Observers’ Walk To Those In Search of Immunity, Patrick Staff has created a scented print edition, drawing upon research into the wild plants of Northern Europe and their effects on the body when ingested.

Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant found in northern Europe and America. Traditionally used as a medicine to cope with cold climates and to reduce stress levels, it has also been found to increase estrogen levels.

Combining c-print with burnt Rhodiola Rosea scented paper, signed by the artist, the work suggests a continued process of material transformation, inviting viewers to continue the process of ingestion.

Each hand-assembled edition is one of only 15 and unique due to the nature of the burning process.

Rhodeola Rosea is available framed (£240) or unframed (£175) and can be purchased in person at Collective or by mail order. Please email for further details or a quote for delivery.