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New Publication: Towards a City Observatory

14 September 2017

If the institution is, then, a machine that produces specific subjects, what can be asked of transforming, not the factory into a gallery, nor the gallery into a space of immaterial labour, but the historical observatory into a contemporary gallery? —Simon Sheikh

In 2018, Collective will open its new home – the restored City Observatory on Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

Reflecting on the long journey undertaken to reach this point, Towards a City Observatory: Constellations of art, collaboration and locality, invites artists, writers and thinkers to imagine a new kind of observatory, which brings people together through contemporary art.

The publication represents a moment of pause for Collective on the threshold of change and considers some of its pivotal projects from the past five years to inform the future. Towards a City Observatory features contributions from Charles Esche, Lesley Young, Simon Sheikh, Emma Hedditch, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Sharam Khosravi and many more of the peers who have helped to make Collective a plural entity since it was formed in 1984. The book is designed by Åbäke with a limited edition of 200 including a unique bi-colour edge.

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Limited bi-colour edge edition available at launches for the introductory offer price of £25, or by sending an enquiry to [email protected]

To order your bound copy of Towards a City Observatory for £15 visit lulu.com

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