Karen Cunningham - Collective's Artist in Residence

We’re delighted to welcome artist Karen Cunningham as Collective’s new Artist in Residence. Karen joins us as part of Twin Pillars, a project that connects the history and legacy of Talbot Rice Gallery in the Old College, formerly the Natural History Museum, and Collective in the former City Observatory on Calton Hill.

Presented in the frame of the European Architectural History Network 2020, Twin Pillars will celebrate partnership and collaboration, while delving into the foundations of modernism and architectural monuments.

During the residency, Karen will research Collective’s site using concepts of ‘World-making’ and ‘Un-doing’ to ask: Who made these buildings? How many people ‘worked’ on them? Who had access to these places and who didn’t? how can processes of de-modernisation and de-colonisation, which seek to ‘un-do’ the apparently permanent structures imperialism, be reconciled with the conservation of material manifestations of colonial wealth and privilege?

Karen will present outcomes from her residency at Collective in June 2020.

Karen Cunningham is an artist based in Glasgow who works across moving image, photography, sculpture, and installation. She is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD titled, World-Making and Un-Doing at Edinburgh College of Art.

Karen's work has been presented throughout the UK and internationally including group shows and screenings at, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, China; Whitechapel Gallery, London; the Palace of Culture & Science, Warsaw, Poland, and Nightingale Cinema, Chicago. Recent exhibitions include the 3-person show 'Make something with your body' at vbkö, Vienna, Austria and the solo show Deploying Culture at Cample Line, Scotland.