Alison Scott, Poor man's weather glass, photo, 2021

Alison Scott, Poor man's weather glass, photo, 2021

Alison Scott Exhibition Opens 24 July

New exhibition ditto ditto ditto by Satellites Programme participant Alison Scott is a cross-media installation in our Hillside space which marks a significant point in Alison’s expansive research project around weather.

Building on two years of archival, performative and collaborative research ditto, ditto, ditto includes new writing, sound, custom wallpaper, moving image and sculptural elements.

ditto, ditto, ditto invites viewers to navigate discrete and rich elements, each of which shifts scale: from personal and embodied, to global systems of observation; from analogue and local, to mass-media digital infrastructure. The exhibition unveils implicit authorities in anecdotal diaristic notations of weather, offering a point of stark contrast between this historic sense of stability and the faltering rhythms of climate breakdown that form a backdrop to the project.

Part of Edinburgh Art Festival.

*** Pre-booking is not necessary, but please note that you may have to queue to enter the exhibition due to social distancing measures. ***