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Loose Parts Fridays: Time Capsule
Collective PLAY




Loose Parts Fridays invites you to join us from your homes to follow your child’s lead and support them to try out their own ideas using loose parts and our thematic play prompts.

For the next 4 weeks of Loose Parts Fridays, we’re taking a look back at a series of workshops with Collective’s partner schools in 2017, led by Catherine Payton.

Week 1: Maps and Models

Imagine: The year is 2168, Edinburgh is flooded and all that remains are a series of islands formed of the city’s seven hills. You are one of a small band of survivors who have inhabited Calton Hill Island, adapting their ways of life to this new environment.

You decide the first step towards understanding your new surroundings is to make a model or map of the island, to help you get your bearings (it doesn’t need to be accurate – you can use your imagination!) You could use clay, plasticine or play-doh, or gather recycled materials from around your house (toilet roll tubes, newspaper, bottle tops etc) to create your model, and imagine what the island would look like – what natural features does the island have? Are there any man-made structures on the island? What is the water surrounding the island like? Is it wild and choppy? Infested with sharks? Or is it clear, calm and perfect for swimming?

Share a photo of your island model with us using the hashtag #collectiveplay and join us next week for another Loose Parts Friday activity!


Loose Parts Fridays: Getting Started
Catherine Payton, Abbeyhill and Leith Walk Primary Schools